J. S. Turner Steeple Clock

Super rare clock by J. S. Turner

8 day time and alarm movement, Patent #
Jonathan S. Turner invented a very unusual alarm mechanism. Patented in 1852, he used an 8 day movement, with the strike side being the alarm mechanism. He had a double shutoff cam, so once set, it would alarm every day, at the same time, for 8 days. He utilized a count wheel similar to a normal movement,but the count wheel had only one deep cut, for shut off. An alarm type verge, and hammer was geared directly to the great wheel.


The basic design of the system, is a standard strike system, with a alarm verge attatched to the great wheel.A standard alarm setting disk, with the double warning and shutoof on strike cam. There is a warning on the shutoff cam, as well as the normal warning located on the fly pinion. When the disk starts to go around, and onto the high edge, the "strike" goes into warning, and stays there the whole next 12 hours. When the alarm disk reaches its drop off, the strike train starts to run. Then as the alarm disk goes around for the second 12 hour run, and raise the alarm trip, the "strike" goes into warning for the second time. When it reaches it's alarm drop off point, and the strike train starts (for the second time) but it continues to run now. It runs just like a standard strike train, with the count wheel turning, and the count wire lifting, for a full revolution, until the count wire finds the one and only deep cut, and shuts off.
This whole process takes 24 hours, two full revolutions of the alarm setting disk.

Great label, and a LARGE bell sure to wake up anyone.



Notice the two low (shutoff) drops on the cam
Where it's at in this picture, is in warning, at least 12 hours since alarming
When it reaches the set point to alarm, (on the next 12 hour cycle) it will
start "strikeing" out the alarm, and shut off in the second low drop off on the cam



And only one "Off" location on the count wheel



You have to hear this to believe it.
It's no wonder, not to many of these clocks survive today
Most probably got Boot-Smashed about 4 in the morning






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